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How To Use Hashtags For Online Business Growth

Knowing how to use hashtags for your business is a great way to spread words about your business online, this social media tool has worked wonders over the years and digital marketers love it. Since the introduction of the hashtag, it became possible to connect with the targeted audience over social media. Another valuable reason why they are used is that they can also earn you new followers across social media. Today we will be looking at ways to use this social media tool to drive business growth online.

What is the use of hashtags?

Hashtags are used on social media, to spread information to a targeted larger audience with a keyword. Making it easier for both people that are following you or not, to see the information you are passing across. In other words, consider it as a free broadcaster.

How can I use hashtags to promote my business online?

There are two basic types of hashtags for brand promotion, they are organically made and assigned hashtags.

The organically made hashtags are those that are already popular on social media, most are created by the social media itself e.g Facebook organic hashtags. These tags can be added to your post, share, or tweeted information to get more attention from the audience who are interested in that keyword.

The assigned hashtags are hashtags that are created by individuals and brands to promote their presence online. It can also be used to track their social media activities online. Although both types of hashtags can be used the same way, the assigned ones are much easier to track. This is because people who use your assigned hashtags are generally referring to you, unlike the organic ones that involve no one in particular.

How do I create my own assigned hashtag?

An assigned Hashtag can simply be created by adding the element # to a word that is connected to your brand to make it a hashtag. Please note that it is important to verify your hashtag to ensure that no brand is using it. The hashtags can now be added to your post, share, or tweet to get more attention from the audience who are interested in that keyword. At first, it may not be popular, but dishing out quality post, shares, or tweet regularly will help to make it a popular hashtag.

What are the rules of creating a hashtag?

  • Do not place space in-between words
  • Never use only numbers or start with numbers
  • Do not use special characters [email protected]$%^&*()_+ . Only add # to the beginning of the word
  • For a hashtag to be successful, it has to have the following qualities: Attractive, brief, Rich, Relevant.


When using a hashtag it is important not to use more than 1-3 per post, share, or tweet. This is because too many hashtags distract the reader’s attention, making it difficult for your post to be understood. Hence losing traffic to your website.

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