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The Best Email Advertising Concept For your Business

Knowing how to write good email ads is very important to the growth of your business online. Small businesses usually shy away from this marketing method because they do not know the best way to write an email advert. When writing an email ad, you do not need much technique, all you need is just the basic concept. In this post, I will be explaining to you the best email advertising concept for your business. So you can take advantage of this marketing method, to grow your online sales and increase brand awareness for your product or services. Let’s get to it!

Below are steps to create good email advertising for your business:

Step 1: Create a catchy subject

To start a good ad, the first thing you need is your subject. A subject is usually what compels people to read your advert. You must start by creating a catchy subject that will make anyone want to read your email. If the recipient is a subscriber to your email list, you may want to use the person’s name as part of the subject, people love it because it refers to them personally. Always remember that the subject is the most important part of email advertising. This is because it is the subject that determines if the reader will open the email to read the content.

Step 2: Introduce Your Self

With a good subject in place, your next task is to introduce yourself. Your introduction must be well detailed, make it as personal as can be. This will make your readers feel like they know you already and will build a little trust, though they are just meeting you for the first time. Whatever you do, always remember not to go straight into sales talk, without a proper introduction of yourself.

Step 3: State your intention

Next is to jump into the reason for your email advert which is the sales. The best way to do this is to start with a story. Tell your readers how you had the same problem they are facing, and how you were able to tackle it with your product. “This story can vary based on what you are selling, but just make sure that your story makes sense”. Tell them how your solution will help them, and also explain the advantages of using your product.

Step 4: Build Trust

People trust products with a guarantee, especially if they have not tried them before. So the next thing to do on your email ad is to give assurance that the product is real and good. Give them a guarantee period and a “money back” option if they are not satisfied after testing the product. This really helps them to build trust around the product, after all, they have nothing to lose.

The Best Email Advertising Concept For your Business

Step 5: Help your readers make a quick decision

Procrastination is a big problem for most people, you have to help them make a quick decision about buying the product. One of the ways to do this is to give them a bonus if they buy immediately. This works because people love free things. Tell them about this bonus and when it will expire. Also, make sure that the duration of the bonus is very short because the goal of the bonus is to help them make a quick decision.

6: Show proof with testimonials

Another element that builds the trust of a customer in your product is testimonials. When people know that others have used your product and are getting positive results, it helps them to build trust and eventually buy the product. So ensure that your email advertising contains testimonial proofs.

Conclusion to email advertising

Let your readers know that you will be available and happy to hear from them if they have any issues. Add your contact detail and a link to the contact page on your website if available.

If you follow all the steps outlined in this post for email advertising, you will not only achieve good success with your ads but will also see a significant increase in your online business sales.

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