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The Best Online Brand Awareness Strategy For Businesses

Creating online brand awareness for your business is a must in this digital era. Almost everything in the world today has gone digital. Your business must keep up with the trend in order to remain relevant. Consumers now spend more time online than ever before, so for your business to strive, you must consistently position your brand where it can be found online by your targeted audience, through a regular brand awareness campaign. In this post, I will be sharing with you 6 steps to creating perfect online brand awareness for your business.

Why do you need online brand awareness for your business?

I once met with a business owner who needed my advice on how he can sell all his product on the internet in 4 weeks. After reviewing the product and asking some vital questions, I simply told him that he needs to start with an online brand awareness campaign. I could tell from his facial expression that he was not happy with my answer. That was because he was looking for an easy online sales method, that will clear off the products from his warehouse in just 4 weeks.

I went further by telling him that he may not achieve his sales target because the product is new in the market with no publicity. I tried explaining to him why he must adopt my strategy, but his mind was made up. Although I went home feeling bad that I could not help him, I know I did the right thing as a professional. Six months after, he came back to me and asked if we can still proceed with my strategy. Telling me how he has lost a lot of money through agents that promised to deliver within his proposed time frame but all failed.

My point is that experimentation is not a very good option for small businesses and startups. There are no shortcuts to huge success online. Small businesses must learn to follow what works in order to achieve some level of success before experimenting. This includes understanding how to take their small business online. Mega companies like Pepsi and Sony spend millions of dollars yearly on brand awareness, despite their huge sales and popularity. This is because they understand the importance of brand awareness, and the continuous positive impact it will have on their sales.

Below are steps you can take to create a perfect online awareness for your brand.

Step 1: Identify your potential customer and where to locate them online

Knowing who your real customers are and how to locate them online is very vital when creating an online brand awareness campaign. It is advisable to do good research, to know where your customers hang out online, and list them in other of priority.

For example, If your target customers are corporate individuals, then the best place to start your online campaign will be on LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn has the highest community of professionals on the internet. After the research, your list should look like this:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Google Ads (for other websites)
Identify your potential customer for online brand awareness.

Once your list is ready, focus more attention on the most relevant channels in order to maximize the result.

Step 2: Create online content that explains your brand

After identifying your target audience and where to locate them, the next step will be to create online content that explains vividly what your product or service is all about.

This could be in form of written content with images, a video, or both, that explains in detail all that you want people to know about your product or service. Remember that this is your chance to make a very good first impression on your potential customer. So ensure that your content is well written by a professional and that your video and audio qualities are superb. I will recommend a content professional on Fiverr if you can’t handle it.

Step 3: Promote your content

Once your content is ready, the next line of action is to promote it, so that it can reach as many of your audience as possible. If you already have a good amount of follows on social media, you can start with organic posts using the relevant hashtags.

However, for the best result, I will recommend paid advertisement. This is because, with paid ads, you can reach your target audience faster. Another great value of paid advertising is that you can change the advert settings, to target a specific audience. Especially on platforms with only a few of your targets audience.

When promoting your content, constantly check to see how your audience reacts to the different types of content. When you notice a hugely positive reaction to specific content, you should create more similar content to maximize engagement.

Step 4: Offer free stuff/social media context

Giving out your product or service for free to some of your audience, or creating an online context for your target audience, is a great way to further create online brand awareness for your business.

People love free stuff no matter how little it is, as long as free, they will appreciate it. A study has shown that giving away some of your items online for free, may increase your audience engagement by over 200% if done the right way.

Also, giving out your product or service for free to your audience is a good way to get feedback on what they think about your brand. Hence giving you more insight on how to better satisfy your potential customers to make huge online sales.

Offer free product or service for online brand awareness

Step 5: Engage with online influencers for more promotions

Engaging some influencers is a great strategy for online brand awareness. Influencers are people with large online followers like bloggers, journalists, celebrities, or people who use social media for side hustles.

The advantages of engaging an influencer are:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • It creates credibility for your brand
  • It saves work time
  • Expands your reach
  • High brand awareness

Search for influencers that are connected to your nitch, share their post, like their comment, and develop a good relationship with them. They may return the favor sooner or later.

However, The best and faster way to engage an influencer is to get a paid influencer. These people charge some money to help spread words about your business online. Locating an influencer could be very tricky because not everyone that has large followers, has a good follower engagement. A way to solve this tricky challenge is to visit an influencer platform on fiver. There you can choose from a list of tested and trusted influencers to help with your online campaigns.

Engage with online influencers for online brand awareness

Step 6: Give your brand a face through a brand ambassador (Optional)

Connecting your brand with a popular celebrity can help create credibility for your brand. This is not compulsory and it is usually very expensive, but if you can afford it for your business, I will recommend you give it a try.

When getting a brand ambassador, it is important to make good research about the celebrity. Find out if their personal brand and lifestyle, matches that of your business, before engaging them.

The major disadvantage of engaging a brand ambassador is that your business may be affected directly or indirectly if they involve in a scandal. This is a serious business mistake to avoid.

Conclusion on the best online brand awareness Strategy

The steps above are great ways to create your online brand awareness for an effective result. Please note that for your brand to remain popular and fresh in the mind of your customers, you must practice the above steps at least once a year.

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