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The Best Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Since the new digital era, video marketing has become an important part of digital marketing. This is because videos are an engaging way for businesses to communicate with customers. Many successful businesses use a good video marketing strategy to sell their products, services, and ideas to the public in form of ads, tutorials, or product overviews. 

For a small business, video marketing can be a great way to get good marketing leads. However, a good result can only be guaranteed if it is done the right way. In this post, I will be sharing with you the best video marketing strategy for your business, so you can take advantage of this digital marketing method to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s get to it!

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the art of using video as, or part of your marketing campaign to promote your product, services or create brand awareness. This form of digital marketing is very effective as it gives the audience the opportunity to see convincing pieces of information like images, testimonials, etc.

The best video marketing strategy for your business 

There are several ways to achieve success online with video marketing, but in the post, I have decided to break it down into steps, to make it easier for anyone to understand. Below are the steps you can take to achieve huge online sales success with your video marketing campaign.

 Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Step 1: Map out a plan

 Just like every marketing principle, a plan is an important part of a video marketing strategy. You must create a tailored plan for your videos, this ensures that your video delivers a great result. Another important reason to have a plan is that it helps to save time and money. Below are some of the areas that must be included in your strategy, to maximize the result. 

Target Audience 

Knowing who your real customers are will help you to create tailored digital video marketing content that will appeal to them.  


You must identify where to locate your audience online. It is advisable to do good research, to know where your customers hang out online, and list them in other of priority.

Product type

 It’s necessary to make sure that your product type is best for your audience. Take some time to study your product or serves critically to ensure that it will appeal to your audience when they watch your video content.  

Promotional cost

The cost of promoting digital video marketing content is slightly higher than promoting other digital content. You must factor out what it will cost you to reach a specific audience and plan for it.   

Content appeal

With your audience in mind, you need to decide what kind of video content will best appeal to them. You can check out videos of other businesses in the same niche to figure out the kind of video content that is driving the most engagement.  


Timing is very important when mapping out your strategy. You must identify the best time of the day, week, month, season, etc. to push out your digital video content in order to achieve maximum success. E.g If you manufacture umbrellas, the best time to run video ads about your umbrellas will be just before the rainy season. 

Step 2: Content mapping

Now that your plan is in place, the next step to your video marketing strategy will be to map out good video content that is tailored to your plan. Your content should have detailed information about the product or services that you are promoting over the internet. Another key fact when mapping your content is to engage your viewers. Studies have shown that videos with more engaging content get more leads than others that don’t. Below are some factors to put into consideration while mapping out your content.

Detailed but snappy information

 Most online ads are skippable, so it important to make your digital video content very brief but detailed. This will ensure that your audience gets vital information in the shortest time possible. 


 When making your video content, ensure you are creative and unique. Try as much as you can to wow your audience within the shortest time possible. 

Great music

Having good background music will make your video lively and not boring to your target audience. Hence, making your views watch your video for a longer period of time. 

Engaging visuals

It is nice to ensure that your audience is engaged all through the video. A simple visual hook at the beginning of the video can keep them watching till the end. 


To build customer confidence about your product or service, you should include testimonials. When people know that others have used your product and are getting positive results, it helps them to build trust and eventually buy the product. So if possible, ensure that your digital video marketing contains testimonial proofs.


If possible, encourage your audience to leave a comment or feedback if they have any. This will further help to build engagement and a good relationship with your audience. 

Contact information

Before ending your digital video marketing content, ensure you leave your audience with a means to contact you. This should be done quickly but detailed because at this point some of your audience may have seen enough and want to move on. 

The Best Video Marketing Strategy

Step 3: Video promotion

Finally, with a good video, your next task will be to promote it online using both organic and paid promotion. Paid advertising is the best way to reach your target audience faster. One of the best platforms to reach your target audience with video content is YouTube. It has all the necessary tools to ensure that most of your ads get the right audience. 

Other Social media platforms are also a great place to promote your video. With the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, you can reach your targeted audience with a lot more ease.

When promoting organically, it is not enough to place it on any video channel like YouTube or embed it on your website, there are certain things you must do to maximize audience view e.g. making sure that the title of the video has the relevant keyword.

Conclusion video marketing strategy

Ensure you do not place your video only on video platforms like youtube when promoting organically. This is because most video platforms may bring up other competitors’ videos as recommended videos, or ads and this is not good for your business. So it is good to also embed the video on your website with the correct video markup language for SEO optimization and post it on other social media platforms and email advertising for wider reach. You can also get a professional on Fiverr using this link, to help you implement all the steps outlined in this video, at a very low fee.

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